Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey guys, so yesterday I went to the mall with my boyfriend and I got some cute things, not a lot but I did get what I was looking for. First, I went to Sephora and saw the Hello Kitty collection, and I had to get the perfume, so I got that and returned a foundation because it was a little light for me, I also went to Payless and I only got two items, the unforgettable moments eye and lip palette in “Romantic Afternoon” and their Zoe &Zac bamboo white tea body mist (smells pretty nice), I have not tried them yet but I hope I like them. Next stop was Best Buy, my boyfriend saw a white controller for the PS3 so he had to get that plus the were on “sale”, after playing a little on the Wii games they have in the store we went to Target which is next door (My Favorite store, lol). He got me some cute things, a Hello Kitty world adventure collection pack (I know it sounds silly but has some cute things in it) and a couple of CD’s, I found a Temple St. Clair collection and got a ring that I really wanted and it was on sale original price was $30 and I got it on sale for $7. That’s what we did day and can’t wait to use my new products and tell you how the smell and how the lasted, thanks for reading my post you guys! Hope you enjoyed it! (sorry for the bad light and pictures, ill do better next time, i promise) J