Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey everyone,

For the past week I have wanted to get eyelash extensions, the reason is because I have very small lashes and not a lot of them. A few days ago I went to see a friend who went to the salon and got the extensions on her lashes; let me tell you that they look amazing. It makes your eyes look bigger and you do not need to apply mascara because they are very black that there is no need for that. I was convinced; I went to a salon to see how much they charge. The price started at 200 dollars! Plus I needed to go back every month to replace the ones that have fallen off and that would be 50 dollars. Since I could not afford that at the moment I went to my local beauty store and bought a set of individual lashes that come with a perma-glue for a fraction of the price at the salon.  I took some pictures for you guys to see and compare.

Here is what I needed:

1.   Individual lashes

2.  Special glue to apply lashes

3.  Tweezers

4.  Small piece of foil

 *The lashes started to fall after two weeks of putting them on.

Make sure your eyes are clean and free from any makeup residue and oil

Apply a very small amount of glue to the lash

Start the application from the outside of the eye and work your way in

Work the false lashes with your real ones and apply them as close to your eye lid without touching it.