Monday, June 13, 2011

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! - Albert Einstein

Hello Everyone,

Well since I have been off school I have been very lazy and not doing much lol… I went down to Texas to visit my family and spend time with them and had so much fun. I must say that it is so hot in El Paso and there are a lot of people mainly from Cd. Juarez, Mexico who now live there. Anyways, since it’s been very hot we decided to go to an indoor pool with the kids; they had so much fun playing in the water and it was nice not being in the sun and just playing around and taking pictures without having to apply a sunscreen every time, I personally do not like being in the sun so it was awesome. The next week we all decided to take a little trip to Elephant Butte Lake in Tor C, New Mexico. The lake was awesome but a little windy, we had so much fun and the water felt so good after being in the sun for a while, I was only in the water for like 20 min, then I had to get out and be in the shade. Here are some pictures I took of my lovely and beautiful family that I love so much….


Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Obsession

Hello Guys,
As you all may know I love Hello Kitty so the other day I went to the mall and was just doing a little shopping. I got some things from F21 and other stores, I decided to see what Hot Topic had to offer me lol and to my surprise…… I got soooo excited!!! I could not believe my eyes!!! Hello Kitty shoes!!! And in my size!!!! You have no idea how long I have been waiting to find HK shoes in my size; every time I go to Target or another store that have HK stuff for children I spend hours and hours looking through everything and just hoping they have shoes and clothes that fit me, but no... That never happens; Anyways, here are a few pictures of the shoes I got, they are so cute and let me know what you think.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

^_^ A little loot from Sephora and Target

Hello Everyone,
It has been a very hard and busy month for me; I will be done with school on May 15th YAY!!! But I will keep going and see how far I can get. So, I have been purchasing things over the past weeks and though I would share some pictures with you. The first thing I got was nail polish, I just loved these colors! They are from Rimmel, the first one is a neutral color that I have loved for the past week or two, the second is more for winter I guess but it looks nice, just would not wear it during the summer. I also went to visit my family in El Paso, TX and while I was there some crazy things happen, but I also had time to get some cool things and one of them was a silvery nail polish from Sonia Kashuk and some E.L.F blush that I have been looking but could not find in stores, so I was very happy I saw them. I also went to Sephora like 2 weeks ago and got more Hello Kitty makeup and a brush set, I have not used the eye shadows yet but I will later and let you know how it went  lol, I will not use the brushes though because they are so cute ^_^
Well I think that is pretty much it for now… thank you for reading and I will see you guys later…


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey everyone!
 Sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately but I have been so busy this month and so many things have changed in my life. I only have two months left from school and will be graduating so they have been busting my butt with homework and what not,  I also went to visit my family in El Paso, Tx and when I got there my sister had to go to the hospital so I was with her for an entire day. So many things have changed and I will be posting more things whenever I get a chance I promise! Lol  Love you guys so much and thank you for reading my silly post's :p

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Things from Target"

Hey guys,
So once again I went to Target (I know... I should live there lol) anyways, I got some cute things that I thought I might share with you. It has been a crazy week for me and the weather is not helping at all! I am having so much homework that is has been stressing me out like crazy and my skin is showing it, so I got the Acne Free kit because it works for me and clears my skin so good, I am also going to drink more water than I usually do, so I got a water bottle with a filter included!. Another thing I purchased was some cute things for Lisa (my friend from Japan) but I can’t show you guys that lol…. Since target has good sales I went to check and see if they still had some of the Temple St. Clair collection on sale, and… they did! I only got one necklace because the other ones were too heavy, and got some cool glue-on nails! Hahaha anyways, here are some pics for you guys to see J

I dont have Severe but it was the only one they had :(
     one filter = 300 water bottles!!

                                    Got so many compliments the first day with these lol

Friday, February 4, 2011

cute things from JAPAN

                                                  WOW!!!   :)  

                                                  I LOVE the lip balm, smells amazing!!
                                             Hello Kitty Macaroni.... lol

Hey everyone, so today I woke up and went to the post office to pick up a box I got from a friend that’s from Japan. I got home and opened it, and omg! So many cute things!!!  She send me candy, cookies, and makeup. I have to say that as soon as I opened the box I ate the kit-Kats and they were good, it was weird eating the sweet potato one, but it was interesting lol…. I also got a cute snow man that lights up, love it! She is such a sweet girl and I just LOVE everything she sends me, I think I have candy for like an entire month or two…hahaha…. (Oh and tea, can’t wait to try that!). Anyways…… here are some pictures of all the things I got.  XO :)

Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey guys, so yesterday I went to the mall with my boyfriend and I got some cute things, not a lot but I did get what I was looking for. First, I went to Sephora and saw the Hello Kitty collection, and I had to get the perfume, so I got that and returned a foundation because it was a little light for me, I also went to Payless and I only got two items, the unforgettable moments eye and lip palette in “Romantic Afternoon” and their Zoe &Zac bamboo white tea body mist (smells pretty nice), I have not tried them yet but I hope I like them. Next stop was Best Buy, my boyfriend saw a white controller for the PS3 so he had to get that plus the were on “sale”, after playing a little on the Wii games they have in the store we went to Target which is next door (My Favorite store, lol). He got me some cute things, a Hello Kitty world adventure collection pack (I know it sounds silly but has some cute things in it) and a couple of CD’s, I found a Temple St. Clair collection and got a ring that I really wanted and it was on sale original price was $30 and I got it on sale for $7. That’s what we did day and can’t wait to use my new products and tell you how the smell and how the lasted, thanks for reading my post you guys! Hope you enjoyed it! (sorry for the bad light and pictures, ill do better next time, i promise) J