Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Things from Target"

Hey guys,
So once again I went to Target (I know... I should live there lol) anyways, I got some cute things that I thought I might share with you. It has been a crazy week for me and the weather is not helping at all! I am having so much homework that is has been stressing me out like crazy and my skin is showing it, so I got the Acne Free kit because it works for me and clears my skin so good, I am also going to drink more water than I usually do, so I got a water bottle with a filter included!. Another thing I purchased was some cute things for Lisa (my friend from Japan) but I can’t show you guys that lol…. Since target has good sales I went to check and see if they still had some of the Temple St. Clair collection on sale, and… they did! I only got one necklace because the other ones were too heavy, and got some cool glue-on nails! Hahaha anyways, here are some pics for you guys to see J

I dont have Severe but it was the only one they had :(
     one filter = 300 water bottles!!

                                    Got so many compliments the first day with these lol


  1. you kno im a fan of nice nails so well done gurl ill keep reading if u keep posting

  2. this is a great haul! i have a older version of the acne free, and i can only use it a few days out of the month. it works great, but the older version is so harsh on the skin that it makes it look like i have a sun burn! ahhh... also, i've been meaning to get one of those water bottles! lately ive been using one that i got from school, haha. anyway, i love your blog!


  3. very very very cute!!!
    this post is fantastic!
    follow u =D