Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Medium Intense Auburn

Hey everyone,

I was in the mood of changing my hair color the other day but as always, since my natural color is black, I have a hard time finding a color that I like and that will show without having to bleach my hair. I did some research and came across a product from Garnier called Nutrisse Ultra Color for darker hair. I decided to purchase a box since I have short hair and was excited to try it. So I went home all excited and mixed everything together and put it all over my hair, the color I decided to purchase was R2 Medium Intense Auburn. At first it looked extremely red but I did not panic because I knew it would not get that bad, I thought it would just add some highlights at the most. When I got in the shower it was like someone was bleeding to death, I immediately started getting a little disappointed because I could see all the color just washing off. When I started drying my hair, I started to see the color and it actually turned out super nice.  The red is not intense because of my natural color but when the light hits my hair you are able to see the red. Another thing I loved from this brand is that it did not smell that bad when applying the color and it made my hair look healthy, shiny, and it smelled so good. I took some pictures so you guys can see the before and after results.


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  2. Moi j ai le probleme de chute de cheveux!

    1. J'ai aussi des problèmes de perte de cheveux
      :( ne sais pas si j'ai écrit que le droit lol

  3. lovit! the hair was beautiful:)
    Im following you, kiss kiss