Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Every time I see some designer come out with new accessories I go and check online to see how much they are. I have seen models, actresses and singers use this very cute colorful pins on their hair making it look perfect and glamorous at the same time. Before this trend started, the “rule” used to be that the bobby pins had to match the color of the hair (at least for me though). Now I think I can break that rule and start using bright bobby pins (since my hair is so dark) for spring and winter, the brighter the better!
The thing is, designer bobby pins cost so much, some can cost up to $15 for a pin set and the ones I have seen in the store look more like little girl pins and did not like the colors. I decided to create my own and share them with you, hopefully you enjoy this and will make you want to try it.

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